Dragonfly Stamps

2010 USA, Nature of America - Hawaiian Rain Forest 

Date of Issue:
1 September 2010
Ethel Kessler
Original Artist:
John D. Dawson
39.62 x 31.12 mm
Printing Process:
Sheetlet of 10 (10 designs)
Banknote Corporation of America
Face V.
44 c
Koele Mountain Damselfly (Megalagrion koelense)

The Stamp

The stamp comes from the 2010 Nature of America - Hawaiian Rain Forest issue which is the 12th stamp pane in an educational series focusing on the beauty and complexity of major plant and animal communities in the United States. The issue contains 10 different designs and is available only in sheetlet of 10 designs. The setting for the colorful acrylic painting on the stamp pane is a rain forest on Hawaii's largest island, which is also named Hawaii. Artist John D. Dawson painted the scene and each of the previous ones in the Nature of America series. To illustrate the spectacular biodiversity of a Hawaiian rain forest, the artist depicted more than 24 different species. The scene itself is completely imaginary. Such a dense grouping was necessary in order to show as many plants and animals as possible in the stamp pane format. Even so, every species depicted could be encountered in a Hawaiian rain forest, and all of the species and their interactions are appropriate and were recommended by scientists.

A description of the rain forest and a numbered key to the artwork appear on the back of the stamp pane, along with a corresponding list of common and scientific names for 24 selected species.

The Miniature Sheetlet

The stamps are issued in sheetlet of 10 designs only.

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