Dragonfly Stamps

2011 Singapore, Pond Life Definitive Stamp Series

Date of Issue:
13 April 2011
Eric Kong (Design Vizio)
40 x 30 mm
Printing Process:
Sheet of 50
Joh Enschede Security Print
Face V.
30 c
Common Redbolt (Rhodothemis rufa) 
45 c
Ornate Coraltail (Ceriagrion cerinorubellum)

The Stamps

The stamps come from 10 values Pond Life low values definitive stamp issue. 

Singapore Post revealed on 13 April 2011 new low value definitive stamp series of 10 stamps facuing on amazing diversity and beauty of a pond ecosystem which are part of our natural heritage that few of us may actually see. This new low value definitive stamp series completed the "Pond Life" definitive collection. The high value definitive "Pond Life" stamp set was issued on 16 February this year. This set of low value definitive stamp sets with its intricate designs shows some commonly found life forms at a pond. 

One of the world's oldest insects - the dragonfly Common Redbolt (Rhodothemis rufa) is commonly found in Singapore, particularly in weedy ponds, lagoons in lowland, and water channels. The dragonfly is a valuable predator that eats mosquitoes, and other small insects like flies, bees and ants. The Damselfly, Ornate Coraltail (Ceriagrion cerinorubellum), also known as Bi-coloured Damsel, is the most common and beautiful species of damselflies. It is easily found in many of Singapore's parks particularly around ponds, drains, canal, open streams, and is relatively big in size compared to other damselflies. 

The Miniature Sheetlet

Special collector's Miniature Sheetlet was issued the same time, consisting the ten values of this low value definitive series together with four high value stamps of the series which was released two months earlier in the same year.


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