Dragonfly Stamps

2008 Great Britain, Insects - UK Species in Recovery

Date of Issue:
15 April, 2008
Andrew Ross
Natural History Museum, GB
35 x 35 mm
Printing Process:
sheet of 30/60
De La Rue Security Print

Face V.
1 st (36p)
Southern Damselfly (Coenagrion mercuriale)

The Stamp

The stamp comes from the second in Royal Mail's new nature series, 'Action for Species' concentrates on insects. The series examines UK species that are endangered, but thanks to the efforts of conservation groups and the public, are now on the way to recovery. The issue comprises of ten 1st class stamps in a se-tenant block featuring UK insect species that are endangered. The insects featured were short listed by experts from the Natural History Museum, the Zoological Society of London and British Trust for Conservation and specimens were photographed at the Natural History Museum's studios. Each stamp features a photograph of the insect together with its common and scientific name. Initial selling price 36p each.

Southern Damselfly, Coenagrion mercuriale

This delicate species resembles several other closely related, far commoner blue damselflies, but its habitat requirements are specific. It only occurs near streams on open heathland and less often chalk, with a relatively high constant temperature. It is on the north-western edge of its range in Europe but the loss of suitable habitat by shading out, drainage and nutrient enrichment have contributed to its decline in the past 40 years. Rare

Royal Mail first day cover and selected first day cancel from different places.

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