Dragonfly Stamps

2001 Great Britain, Europa - Pond Life

Date of Issue:
10 July 2001
John Gibbs 
Frank Greenaway 
41 x 30 mm
14 3/4 x 14
Printing Process:
Photo. with 2 phosphor bars
Sheet of 100
De La Rue 
Face V.
65 p
Southern Hawker Dragonfly (Aeshna cyanea)

The Stamp

The stamp comes from 4 values Pond Life issue.

Royal Mail has produced four new stamps on the theme of 'Pond Life', in response to the Europe-wide Europa stamps theme of 'Water and Natural Resources'.

Britain has thousands of ponds, nestling in places like village greens and one in ten back gardens. These ponds are usually teeming with life, and support more than 1,000 different species of animals and plants. As well as fish, ponds offer a sanctuary to a variety of other, often rare, wildlife including spiders, frogs, toads, dragonflies, ducks, geese, moorhens and water voles.

Southern hawker dragonflies usually fly near to large ponds or canals, keeping well out over the water. They are tireless fliers, with a flight period lasting from late May to late August. Female southern hawker dragonflies are green, and the males blue and green. The 65p stamp shows the female sitting on a water lily bud as she bends her stem to lay eggs on the water's surface.


Two type of FDC, one issued by Royal Mail, and one from designs of local post offices.

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