Dragonfly Stamps

2003 Denmark, Rare Insects

Date of Issue:
14 May 2003
Torben Skov
Lars Sjoblom
23.5 x 40.5 mm
Sheet of 50
Miniature Sheetlet of 3 designs
Post Denmark Stamps
Face V.
12.00 K
Golden-ringed Dragonfly (Cordulegaster boltoni) 

The Stamps

The stamp comes from set of 3 insects designs.

This stamp issue represents Post Denmark's tribute to our aquatic environment and the outstanding results achieved by the 1987 and 1998 Aquatic Environment Plans. One of the eminently quantifiable effects of those plans has been the rapid rise in the number of insects that only flourish in clean water. Of the three insects selected as stamp motifs, only the mayfly has been removed from the Danish Forest and Nature Agency's list of endangered species so far but the golden-ringed dragonfly is making such a rapid recovery that it may be removed from the list at the next update.

There are 52 different species of dragonfly in Denmark. They are extremely colourful and aerodynamic. Depending on the species, they are airborne from early May until late October but most of them prefer warm sunny summer weather when there is plenty of food in the air in the form of small insects. Many of them have their own territory - i.e. sexually mature males who dominate an area close to a good breeding site, preferably one with clean fresh water. Young dragonflies, especially the larger species, roam far and wide. Some species even migrate hundreds of kilometres, so some of the dragonflies found in Denmark actually come from abroad. The females lay their eggs in nearby wetlands, boring them into plants, etc., which are then covered by water, paving the way for the next generation.

The Miniature Sheetlet

The Complete set of 3 designs also come out as Miniature Sheetlet.

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