Dragonfly Stamps

2005 Czech, Protected Fauna and Flora in the Krkonose Mountains 

Date of Issue:
22 June 2005
Josef Liesler
Josef Hercik
44.5 x 54.5 mm
Printing Process:
Engrave & Photogravure
Sheetlet of 4 (4 designs) and 4 coupons
Face V.
22 K
Luscinia svecica svecica & Aeschna caerulea

The Stamps

The stamp comes from 4 values issue presented various fauna and flora.

Karkonosze is a mountain range located in the north of the Czech Republic and the south-west of Poland, part of the Sudetes mountain system (part of the Bohemian Massif). The Czech-Polish border, which divides the historic regions of Bohemia and Silesia, runs along the main ridge. The highest peak, Snezka, is the Czech Republic's highest point with an elevation of 1,602 metres. On both sides of the border, large areas of the mountains are designated national parks (the Krkonosze National Park in the Czech Republic and the Karkonosze National Park in Poland), and these together constitute a cross-border biosphere reserve under the UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Programme. The River Elbe rises within the Krkonosze. The range has a number of major ski resorts, and is a popular destination for tourists engaging in downhill and cross-country skiing, hiking, cycling and other activities.


The Miniature Sheetlet

The stamps are issued in sheetlet of 4 stamps (4 different designs) with four coupons.

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