Dragonfly Stamps

2012 China Hongkong, Hong Kong Insects II 

Date of Issue:
22 November 2012
KAN Tai-keung
45 x 28 mm
13.25 x 14.25 (one elliptical perforation on each vertical)
Printing Process:
Stochastic lithography
Sheet of 25 stamps
Joh. Enschede B.V., the Netherlands
Face V.
3 $
Mortonagrion hirosei

The Stamp

The stamp comes from 6 values Insects issue. 

Characterised by metropolitan hustle and bustle, Hong Kong is also blessed with a countryside rich in ecological resources. This favourable habitat is home to a great variety of insects, many of which are rare species. As a sequel to the first series titled "Hong Kong Insects" launched on 16 July 2000, Hongkong Post releases special stamps called "Hong Kong Insects II" to showcase six precious species found in Hong Kong, with a view to enhancing the public's understanding of the ecology of local insects and the importance of nature conservation.

$1.40 - Cosmoscarta bispecularis | Spittle Bug 
This brightly-coloured Spittle Bug is largely tangerine red with different sized black dots seen on its pronotum and wings. Some of these may join to form broad black bands, with the black spots at the wing tips merging as well. It does not produce any sounds. The adults can often be found between May and September, and, whilst mainly inhabiting shrublands, this uncommon type of Spittle Bug tends to appear in Tai Mo Shan and Ma On Shan as well. 

$1.80 - Creobroter gemmata | Flower Mantid 
Distinctive with its lime green body, this medium-sized Flower Mantid has a pair of cone-shaped compound eyes protruding upwards. Its forewings often bear large eye spots in the middle and the strong, sickle-like front legs have serrated spines for catching small insects. The adults can be found between June and November each year across Hong Kong Island, the New Territories and the outlying islands. This uncommon species may sit quietly on a branch and wait for prey for several hours, making it difficult to discover.

$2.40 - Eristena species | Mangrove China-mark 
Distinctive with alternate yellow and white stripes all over, this Mangrove China-mark moth has rough scales covering its head, filamentous antennae and triangular wings with tufts of fine white hair along the trailing edge. Sightings have been recorded at three coastal brackish mangrove sites in the eastern part of the New Territories and Tung Chung. Scientific studies on the habits and characteristics of this scarce species are not yet available.

$2.50 - Lamproptera curius | White Dragontail 
This White Dragontail is a medium-sized butterfly with wings predominately black in colour. The forewings, with transparent areas, have a triangular shape whilst the short, narrow hindwings have a long tail that resembles that of a swallow. They can be found all year around, most notably in May, October and November. Activities of this local rare species are mainly confined to river or stream banks where host plants such as Illigera grow. Their favourite spots are on Hong Kong Island and Lantau Island, and in the New Territories. 

$3 - Mortonagrion hirosei | Four-spot Midget 
Bearing four apple green spots on the black back of its thorax, this Four-spot Midget damselfly has transparent wings with brown pterostigmata (cells on the outer wings) at the tip. The adults are active during April and September. Dwelling in brackish reedbeds, mangroves and marshes with dense grass, especially in the northeast and northwest of the New Territories, this attractive insect is categorised as Near Threatened on the Red List of Threatened Species compiled by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. 

$5 - Pteroptyx maipo | Hong Kong Bent-winged Firefly 
This yellowish-orange Hong Kong Bent-winged Firefly has a pair of large compound eyes and elytra (hardened forewings) with dark-brown tips and a light organ in its abdomen which can produce flashes. The adults are seen from April through September and can be found in brackish mangrove wetlands, mainly along Deep Bay. Pteroptyx maipo was first discovered in the Hong Kong Wetland Park in 2009, making it not only a rare species locally, but also the first ever of its kind in the world. 

Photos supplied by: Mr. Ng Ka Ho (Spittle Bug), Mr. Poon Hoi Keung (Flower Mantid) and Dr. Roger C. Kendrick (Mangrove China-mark) 

Stamp products include mint stamps, stamp sheets, souvenir sheet and presentation pack. Serviced first day covers are also available at the philatelic offices on the issue day only.


The Stamp Sheet

The stamp is issued in sheet of 25 stamps.

The Miniature Sheetlet

A miniature sheetlet containing all six values in the issue is issued the same time.


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