Vestalis amoena

Common Name:
Charming Flashwing, Metallic Green Demoiselle
V. amoena
Species Description
Vestalis is a genus of damselflies belonging to the family Calopterygidae. The genus contains around 16 species.

Vestalis amoena (Hagen in Selys, 1853) occurs throughout lowland Borneo, up to about 500 m, and elsewhere in Sundaland. 

The species has a metallic green body with long thin legs and is characterized by the transparent wings with a sparkling bluish purple iridescence. Males and females look alike. In males, the hindwing is 32 to 35 mm long and the total body length ranges from 49 to 55 mm. The male looks almost identical to Vestalis amethystina except for minute differences in the male anal appendages. Females of Vestalis amoena are almost identical to those of Vestalis amethystina.  The female Vestalis amethystina can be separated from the female Vestalis amoena only by the colour of the labium. In Vestalis amethystina, it is largely black. In Vestalis amoena, it is mainly yellow.

It is common on larger forest streams and is the most wide-spread of six very similar species, all with a metallic-green head, thorax and abdomen, and clear wings reflecting purplish or greenish iridescence from certain angles. In all species mating is preceded by courtship in which the male dances around the female displaying the sparkling colors of his wings. Females oviposit in dead leaves around the margins of streams, either guarded by the male or alone. The larvae of amoena are found among leaves and pebbles at the edge of fast flowing water. The other five species are distinguished from amoena and each other mainly by the form of the male appendages. They differ also in distribution and ecology. 

The species is native to Brunei; Indonesia; Malaysia; Singapore; Thailand, It is a widely distributed and common species, capable of surviving in disturbed forest habitats, and is therefore assessed by IUCN Red List as Least Concern.


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