Sympetrum eroticum

Common Name:
S. eroticum
Species Description
Sympetrum is a genus of small to medium sized skimmer dragonflies, known as darters in the UK and as meadowhawks in the North America. There are more than 50 species, predominantly living in the temperate zone of the Northern Hemisphere; no Sympetrum are native to Australia.

Sympetrum eroticum (Selys, 1883) is a small Dragonfly, which usually does not exceed length of 30 mm. The male is yellow, with two round black spots; the chest is dark brown, with macular degeneration, and brown on the back and chest. Abdomen red, the Section 4 to 8 has black spots at the end of each side. Female striped basic similar to abdominal yellow and spotted. 

Sympetrum eroticum has been recorded from China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, and Russia. 

The nominate subspecies Sympetrum eroticum eroticum is recorded from northeast China, Japan (including Hokkaido, Honshu, Kyushu, Shikoku and the Ryukyus), and Korea. Needham (1930) described the synonym Sympetrum ignotum from 'Weisohn, Manchuria'. Hua (2000) records S. ignotum from Jiangxi, northeast China and Zhejiang, but the records from Jiangxi and Zheijiang probably refer to the subspecies Sympetrum eroticum ardens (McLachlan). Zhang and Zhang (12006) record S. eroticum (as S. ignotum) from Shaanxi. Kosterin and Malikova (2007) record S. e. eroticum from southern, far-eastern Russia. 

The subspecies Sympetrum eroticum ardens (MacLachlan, 1894) is widespread in Tawian and is known from southern China, including Fujian, Jiangsu, and Sichuan. Wilson (1999) recorded S. e. ardens from Guangdong. Hua's (2000) records of S. e. eroticum from Fujian, Guangxi, Guizhou, Henan, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi, Sichuan and Yunnan relate to the subspecies S. e. ardens. The two subspecies are not clearly differentiated, apart from minor size differences although they overlap in distribution.

Sympetrum eroticum is common and widespread throughout Japan and Korea and has been recorded from China, Taiwan and southern far-eastern Russia. The species occupies a range of habitats and it is not under any serious threat at present. It is classified as Least Concern (LC) on the IUCN Red List.


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