Orthetrum pruinosum

Common Name:
Pink Skimmer, Crimson-tailed Marsh Hawk
O. pruinosum
Species Description
Orthetrum is a genus of dragonflies in the Libellulidae family. It is a very large genus, spread across the Old World.

Orthetrum pruinosum (Burmeister, 1839) is a widespread species occurring from west India to Japan and south to Java and the Sunda Islands.

The male has a length in abdomen 28-31mm, hind wing 32-36mm. The male has a face of ochreous to pale reddish brown; Eyes blue black above and bluish
grey below; Thorax is covered with fine hairs and reddish brown to dull purple; Legs black and reddish brown at the base; Wings transparent, in old adults, it is pale brown towards the tip; On the fore and hindwings, the basal area is marked with reddish brown. Wing spot is Reddish brown. Abdomen bright red, in old adults it is purplish due to pruniscence. 

Female abdomen 30mm, hind wing 37mm. The female has a face of pale olivaceous; Eyes yellowish, capped with brown; Thorax reddish brown or dull ochreous with indistinct lateral brown stripe; Wings Similar to male but the basal markings are indistinct; Abdomen is dull ochreous with each segment thinly bordered with black. 

This is a very common dragonfly of wells, ponds, ditches, tanks and rivers. Males are very conspicuous and can be seen perched on shrubs, stones etc. Breeds in puddles,
ponds and tanks. 

Aside from the nominate subspecies, three other subspecies are recognised. O. p. neglectum is widespread in mainland Asia, O. p. schneideri occurs in the Malay peninsular and Borneo, and O. p. clelia occurs in the Philippines and Taiwan (where O. p. neglectum occurs also). O. p. clelia is likely to be a separate species, and O. p. schneideri is likely to be a junior synonym of clelia. A further subspecies is sometimes recognised, O. p. migratum, but sometimes is consisdered to be a separate species O. migratum.

Orthetrum pruinosum is a widely distributed species that is not threatened. It is listed by IUCN Red List as Least Concern. 


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