Neurobasis chinensis

Common Name:
Green Metalwing, Stream Glory
N. chinensis
Species Description
Neurobasis chinensis chinensis (Linnaeus, 1758), the Green Metalwing, is one of the beautiful Damselflies seen in the Oriental region. The hind wings of male are metallic green in colour, and male makes flash movements by this wings infront of the female as courtship behaviour. A subspecies N. c. florida (Walker, 1853) is known from Java.

The face of this damselfly is blackish brown above and bluish white below in male; brownish above and yellowish white below in female. 

The wings are rounded at tips, forewings transparent, tinted with pale yellowish green with emrald green with emrald green venation, hindwings opaque, basal two thirds iridescent green or peacock blue, apical half is blackish brown with dull golden reflections in males. In females transparent and amber coloured, all wings have a round creamy white central opaque spot  on the edge of the wing, wingspots absent in forewings in both but females have a creamy white in hindwings. 

Thorax is iridescent green with a coppery wash. Abdomen is iridescent green above and on sides; underside black; the 9th and 10th segments are whitish below in males; dull iridescent green above and black below; green metallic stripe on sides in all segments bordered with black. 

The habitat is near to the fast flowing streams in the tropical evergreen forests. Frequently found among hill streams. Perch among boulders and fallen logs in streams. Flight season is May to November. Breeding in streams. Females lay eggs on submerged decaying logs.

Neurobasis chinensis is a very common species over much of its range, capable of thriving in secondary and disturbed habitats. It is widely distributed in mainland Asia, occurring in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, Lao PDR, Viet Nam, China, Peninsular Malaysia and Sumatra, subspecies florida occurs in Java. IUCN Red List accessed as Least Concern. 





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