Diplacodes trivialis

Common Name:
Ground Skimmer, Blue Percher, Chalky Percher
D. trivialis
Species Description
Diplacodes trivialis (Rambur, 1842), the Ground Skimmer, is a small greenish yellow or blue dragonfly with black markings.

It is quite small, with male sized in abdomen 19-22mm and hind wing 22-23mm, female in abdomen 18-20mm, hind wing: 22-24mm.

The mature male is pruinose blue and has blue eyes. Face is pale azure blue. Eyes are reddish brown above and pale bluish or yellowish below. Thorax is Greenish yellow or olivaceous. The dorso-lateral area is violet brown and is speckled with minute dots. In old adults the thorax is covered with fine blue pruinescence. Legs are greenish yellow marked with black. Wings are Transparent and wing spot is dark grey to black. The abdomen is thin, the segments 1-7 greenish yellow with middorsal and subdorsal black stripes; remaining last three segments black. In old individuals all markings are obscured by fine blue pruinescence. 

The female resembles young or sub adult male, and has pale greenish yellow markings on its black body. Its eyes are brown on top and yellow below. Abdominal markings are broader and continued on to segments 8-10. The 10th segment and anal appendages are completely yellow.  Immature males have the same colouration as females.

This species is one of the commonest dragonflies in gardens, fields, playgrounds, etc. and is sometimes found far away from water source. This dragonfly usually perches on the ground and rarely flies above 1m. It often flies horizontally very close (~ 10cm) to the ground. Breeds in muddy puddles, tanks and pond edges. 

Diplacodes trivialis is a widespread species, has a large range in tropical and subtropical Asia and Australasia occurring from India to China and Japan and southwards to New Guinea and Australia. It is a widespread and common species that breeds in ponds, lakes, marshes, irrigation canals, rice fields etc. and is assessed by IUCN Red List as Least Concern.

Subramanian, K. A. (2005). Dragonflies and Damselflies of Peninsular India




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