Aeshna verticalis

Common Name:
Green-striped Darner, Eastern Blue Darner
A. verticalis
Species Description
Aeshna verticalis (Hagen, 1861), the Green-striped Darner, is a species of dragonfly in family Aeshnidae. Found in north central and northeastern United States and parts of southeast Canada including Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick.

Typically length at 70-80 mm, The Green-Striped Darner is a creature of boggy and marshy areas. In late afternoon and early evening, they may be the last dragonflies on the wing at a given location. Males patrol constantly, seeking to keep other males away from prime ovipositing sites in their territories. Both males and females may be seen hanging vertically from vegetation or on tree trunks.

Aeshna verticalis has lateral thoracic stripes all green and has a characteristic shape. Obtusely notched with wide dorsal posterior extension. Some markings may be green in female. The Green-Striped Darner is very similar to the Canada Darner (A. canadensis) and the Lake Darner and is difficult to separate from the Canada Darner in the field. Green-Striped Darners differ subtly from Canada Darners in the color and pattern of the thoracic stripes, color of the face, and details of the terminal appendages. It is difficult to separate females from Canada Darner females with green stripes. Lake Darners are bigger and they have a black line across their face.

Found at spring-fed ponds, marshy meadows, marshy lakes, ponds, and slow streams bordered by sedges, this species ranges is widely distributed throughout its range.

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