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     2012.06.04 Southern Hawker and Ruddy Darter

                     Lokalpost (0,75 €): Aeshna cyanea
                     Europa (0,95 €): Sympetrum sanguineum



     1966.04.21 Butterfly and Dragonfly

                     20q: Calopteryx virgo
                     35q: Calopteryx splendens
                     40q: Calopteryx splendens



     1994.05.05 Flora and Fauna Definitive Stamp Series

                     1p: Ischnura elegans

     2010.02.25 Alderney Dragonflies

                     36p: Sympetrum striolatum
                     45p: Anax imperator
                     56p: Ischnura elegans
                     66p: Aeshna grandis
                     75p: Orthetrum cancellatum
                     83p: Sympetrum fonscolombii



     1999.10.01 Small Pond

                     45c: Rhyothemis graphiptera



     1990.10.16 Insects

                     50c: Orthemis ferruginea



     2010.08.10 Dragonfly the Green Snaketail

                     900R: Ophiogomphus cecilia
                     1000R: Ophiogomphus cecilia
                     1400R: Ophiogomphus cecilia
                     1500R: Ophiogomphus cecilia



     1996.04.01 Insects

                     16f: Sympetrum sanguineum



     1997.01.15 Insects

                     70ch: Agrion splendens


Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Srpska

     2009.09.09 European Nature Protection

                     1.00M: Sympetrum sanguineum



     1981.02.23 Insects

                     6t: Anax imperator


                     6t: Pantala flavescens
                     15t: Anax imperator
                     25t: Trithemis arteriosa
                     45t: Chlorolestes elegans



     1993.12.15 Insects Definitive Series

                     1.00l: Libellula depressa

     2005.06.29 Dragonflies

                     0.10l: Cordulegaster bidentata
                     0.20l: Erythromma najas
                     0.45l: Sympetrum pedemontanum
                     0.80l: Brachytron pratense


Burkina Faso

     1992.08.17 Insects

                     85F: Orthetrum microstigma



     2006.03.08 Gardens

                     51c: Anax junius

     2007.10.12 Beneficial Insects

                     10c: Aeshna canadensis



     1972.05.05 Insects

                     5f: Hemistigma albipunctata



     1992.06.28 Insects

                     30f: Sympetrum croceolum


China Hongkong

     2000.07.16 Insects

                     2.50$: Macromidia ellenae

     2010.07.15 Biodiversity

                     5$: Fukienogomphus choifongae

     2012.11.22 Hong Kong Insects II

                     3$: Mortonagrion hirosei

China Taiwan

     2000.10.11 Stream Dragonflies

                     5y: Lamelligomphus formosanus
                     5y: Anotogaster sieboldii
                     12y: Trithemis festiva
                     12y: Neurothemis ramburii

     2003.07.25 Pond Dragonflies

                     5y: Sympetrum eroticum ardens
                     5y: Acisoma panorpoides panorpoides
                     10y: Anax parthenope julius
                     17y: Rhyothemis variegata arria

     2006.08.16 Paddy Dragonflies

                     5y: Crocothemis servilia servilia
                     5y: Orthetrum pruinosum neglectum
                     12y: Diplacodes trivialis
                     12y: Orthetrum sabina sabina



     1995.04.12 Endangered Insects

                     6K: Calopteryx splendens

     2005.06.22 Protected Fauna and Flora in the Krkonose Mountains

                     22K: Aeschna caerulea



     2003.05.14 Insects

                     12K: Cordulegaster boltonii



     2005.08.30 Dragonflies

                     83c: Rhyothemis phyllis
                     1.07$: Agrionoptera insignis
                     1.15$: Orthetrum serapia
                     2$: Diplacodes bipunctata



     1954.12.07 Insects

                     25 + 5m: Aeshna juncea

     2003.05.07 Summer in the Courtyard

                     0.65€: Aeshna juncea



     1991.07.09 Dragonflies

                     50pf: Libellula depressa
                     60pf: Libellula depressa
                     60pf: Sympetrum sanguineum
                     60pf: Cordulegaster boltonii
                     60pf: Aeshna viridis
                     70pf: Sympetrum sanguineum
                     80pf: Cordulegaster boltonii
                     100pf: Aeshna viridis



     1991.10.25 Insects

                     100c: Coenagrion coenagrion


Great Britain

     1985.03.12 Insects

                     36p: Anax imperator

     2001.07.10 Pond Life

                     65p: Aeshna cyanea

     2008.04.15 Insects

                     1st: Coenagrion mercuriale

     2013.02.22 Pictorial Faststamps - Freshwater Life of Ponds

                     1st Class: Anax Imperator



     1990.03.16 America Issue - Insects

                     1$: Orthemis ferruginea



     1970.12.21 13th Social Day - Insects 

                     15+1.50R: Orthetrum testaceum

     2003.11.05 Flora & Fauna

                     1500R: Orthetrum testaceum
                     3000R: Orthetrum testaceum



     2009.10.16 Fauna & Flora - Dragonflies

                     55c: Pyrrhosoma nymphula
                     55c: Coenagrion lunulatum
                     82c: Libellula quadrimaculata
                     95c: Calopteryx splendens


Isle of Man

     2008.10.01 Nature - A Walk through the Ballaugh Curragh

                     70p: Pyrrhosoma nymphula



     1977.09.14 Nature Conservation

                     50y: Boninthemis insularis

     1986.07.30 Insects, Issue I

                     60y: Epiophlebia superstes

     1986.09.26 Insects, Issue II

                     60y: Sympetrum pedemontanum

     1986.11.21 Insects, Issue III

                     60y: Rhyothemis variegata

     1987.01.23 Insects, Issue IV

                     60y: Anotogaster sieboldii

     1987.03.12 Insects, Issue V

                     60y: Calopteryx cornelia

     1994.01.13 Flora and Fauna Definitive Stamp Series

                     9y: Orthetrum albistylum



     2001.05.22 Pond Lifes

                     41p: Enallagma cyathigerum

     2002.06.18 Insects

                     47p: Anax imperator

     2013.07.04 Dragonflies & Damselflies

                     45p: Calopteryx virgo
                     55p: Cordulegaster boltonii
                     60p: Coenagrion scitulum
                     68p: Pyrrhosoma nymphula
                     80p: Lestes viridis
                     88p: Crocothemis erythraea


Korea, DPR

     1977.07.25 Insects

                     15ch: Anax partherope julius
                     25ch: Sympetrum pedemontanum elatum

     2003.04.20 Insects

                     15w: Pantala flavescens



     1978.12.18 Insects

                     4c: Orthetrum farinosum (Nesciothemis farinosum)

     2002.08.30 Insects

                     6m: Cordulegaster boltonii



     2010.09.11 Forest Fauna and Flora

                     1.35Lt: Anax parthenope



     1987.03.09 Endangered Species

                     10F: Calopteryx splendens



     2000.11.25 Odonata - Dragonflies & Damselflies Sheetlet

                     NVI (30 s): Vestalis gracilis
                     NVI (30 s): Crocothemis s. servilia male
                     NVI (30 s): Trithemis aurora
                     NVI (30 s): Pseudothemis jorina
                     NVI (30 s): Diplacodes nebulosa
                     NVI (30 s): Crocothemis s. servilia female
                     NVI (30 s): Neurobasis c. chinensis male
                     NVI (30 s): Burmagomphus divaricatus
                     NVI (30 s): Ictinogomphus d. melanops
                     NVI (30 s): Orthetrum testaceum
                     NVI (30 s): Trithemis festiva
                     NVI (30 s): Brachythemis contaminata
                     NVI (30 s): Neurobasis c. chinensis female
                     NVI (30 s): Neurothemis fluctuans
                     NVI (30 s): Acisoma panorpoides
                     NVI (30 s): Orthetrum s. sabina
                     NVI (30 s): Rhyothemis p. phyllis
                     NVI (30 s): Rhyothemis obsolescens
                     NVI (30 s): Neurothemis t. tulia
                     NVI (30 s): Lathrecista a. asiatica
                     NVI (30 s): Aethriamanta gracilis
                     NVI (30 s): Diplacodes trivialis
                     NVI (30 s): Neurothemis fulvia
                     NVI (30 s): Rhyothemis triangularis
                     NVI (30 s): Orthetrum glaucum

     2000.11.25 Odonata - Dragonflies & Damselflies Booklet

                     30s: Neurobasis c. chinensis
                     30s: Aristocypha fenestrella (with blue sky)
                     30s: Vestalis gracilis
                     30s: Nannophya pymaea
                     30s: Aristocypha fenestrella (no sky)
                     30s: Rhyothemis p. phyllis
                     30s: Crocothemis s. servilia
                     30s: Euphaea ochracea (male)
                     30s: Euphaea ochracea (female)
                     30s: Ceriagrion cerinorubellum



     1977.06.15 Insects

                     5f: Anax imperator



     2001.05.23 Europa - Pond Lifes

                     46c: Sympetrum fonscolombii Mazzarell Ahmar

     2005.04.20 Insects

                     46c: Crocothemis erythraea
                     46c: Anax imperator


Marshall Islands

     2011.05.28 Garden Life

                     44c: Anax imperator



     2002.12.16 Flora and Fauna

                     2.00$: Anax junius



     2009.07.24 Red Book of Moldova Insects

                     4.50p: Coenagrion Lindeni (Erythromma lindenii)



     1987.04.23 Insects

                     2.20f: Aeshna grandis



     1983.01.19 Dragonflies

                     50c: Lepthemis vesiculosa (Erythemis vesiculosa)
                     65c: Orthemis ferruginea
                     1.50$: Triacanthagyna trifida
                     2.50$: Erythrodiplax umbrata

     1992.08.20 Insects Definitive Stamp Series

                     15c: Lepthemis vesiculosa (Erythemis vesiculosa)
                     20c: Orthemis ferruginea



     2011.01.30 International Year of Forests - Dragonflies

                     16.00MT: Anax imperator
                     16.00MT: Libellula depressa
                     16.00MT: Sympetrum fonscolombii
                     16.00MT: Libellula quadrimaculata
                     92.00MT: Ischnura heterosticta
                     92.00MT: Crocothemis sanguinolenta
                     175.00MT: Trithemis kirbyi



     2007.03.02 Century of Etosha National Park

                     NVI: Anax tristis

     2007.04.16 Dragonflies

                     NVI: Anax imperator
                     3.90$: Trithemis kirbyi ardens
                     4.40$: Trithemis arteriosa
                     NVI: Trithemis stictica
                     6.00$: Urothemis edwardsii



     2000.10.10 Endangered Species

                     80c: Aeshna viridis

     2005.03.22 Century of Natuurmonumenten

                     39c: Ischnura elegans


New Zealand

     1997.10.01 Creepy Crawlies

                     40c: Uropetala carovei



     1998.01.02 Insects

                     3.80K: Aeshna juncea



     1999.05.24 Earth Day - Pacific Insects

                     33c: Megalagrion leptodemus



     1975.11.09 Insects

                     15c: Pantala flavescens

     2009.08.26 Wandering Glider Dragonfly

                     2.50$: Pantala flavescens
                     4.00$: Pantala flavescens



     1988.02.23 Dragonflies

                     10z: Anax imperator
                     15z: Libellula quadrimaculata
                     15z: Calopteryx splendens
                     20z: Cordulegaster annulatus (Cordulegaster boltonii)
                     30z: Sympetrum pedemontanum
                     50z: Aeshna viridis

     1999.07.16 Water Insects

                    1.40PLN: Anax imperator


Portugal Azores

     2009.04.22 Biodiversity - Lagoon Azores

                     0.80€: Anax imperator



     1998.07.20 Insects

                     2r: Orthetrum chrysostigma



     2001.04.05 Dragonflies

                     1.00R: Pyrrhosoma nymphula
                     1.50R: Epitheca bimaculata
                     2.00R: Aeshna grandis
                     3.00R: Libellula depressa
                     5.00R: Coenagrion hastulatum


El Salvador

     1985.12.09 Dragonflies

                     25c: Cordulegaster godmani (Cordulegaster diadema godmani)
                     55c: Libellula herculea
                     70c: Cora marina
                     90c: Aeshna cornigera (Rhionaeschna cornigera)
                     1.00col: Mecistogaster ornata
                     1.50col: Hetaerina smaragdalis (Hetaerina capitalis)



     2004.01.30 Protected Insects

                     26.20D / 0.40€: Aeshna viridis


Sierra Leone

     1998.08.04 Animal world of China

                     450L: Orthetrum albistylum

     2003.01.13 Insects of Africa

                     1300L: Libellula pulchella



     1985.04.24 Insects Definitive Stamp Series

                     5c: Ceriagrion cerinorubellum
                     5$: Trithemis aurora

     2011.04.13 Pond Lifes Definitive Stamp Series

                     30c: Rhodothemis rufa
                     45c: Ceriagrion cerinorubellum


St. Helena

     1982.01.04 Insects

                     7p: Sympetrum dilatatum


St. Vincent Grenadines

     1986.11.19 Dragonflies

                     45c: Brachymesia furcata
                     60c: Lepthemis vesiculosa
                     75c: Perithemis domitia
                     2.50$: Tramea abdominalis

     2002.02.01 Insects

                     1.40$: Anax junius



     1979.09.06 Fauna

                     60o: Aeshna cyanea

     2013.01.10 Insects

                     12K: Aeshna osiliensis



     1951.12.01 Butterfly and Dragonfly

                     10 + 10c: Calopteryx splendens

     2002.09.17 Insects Definitive Stamp Series 

                     10c: Anax imperator



     1999.02.18 Fauna and Flora

                     140s: Aeshna verticalis



     1989.10.08 Dragonflies

                     2b: Neurothemis tullia
                     5b: Orthetrum sabina
                     6b: Urothemis signata
                     10b: Vestalis amoena



     1983.05.25 Dragonflies

                     10c: Pantala flavescens
                     35c: Anax guttatus
                     40c: Tholymis tillarga
                     50c: Diplacodes bipunctata

     2001.10.31 Fauna Definitive Stamp Series

                     55c: Anax junius



     1991.01.01 Wetlands Fauna

                     70s: Enallagma glaucum (Africallagma glaucum)
                     70s: Brachythemis lacustris



     1998.02.25 Insects

                     250 Fils: Crocothemis erythraea



     1999.10.01 Insects and Spiders

                     33c: Calopteryx macalata

     2010.09.01 Nature of America - Hawaiian Rain Forest

                     44c: Megalagrion koelense



     2012.02.22Dragonflies of Vanuatu

                     40c: Rhyothemis Phyllis
                     90c: Pantala flavescens
                     140c: Orthetrum villosovittatum
                     250c: Neurothemis stigmatizans


Viet Nam

     1977.01.25 Dragonflies

                     12xu: Crocothemis servilia
                     12xu: Ictinogomphus clavatus
                     20xu: Rhinocypha fenestrella
                     30xu: Neurothemis tullia
                     40xu: Neurobasis chinensis
                     50xu: Neurothemis fulvia
                     60xu: Rhyothemis variegata
                     1d: Rhyothemis plutonia

     2011.07.11 Dragonflies

                     2000d: Lyriothemis mortoni
                     2500d: Trithemis aurora
                     6500d: Rhyothemis obsolescens
                     10500d: Ictinogomphus Decoratus


Wallis & Futuna Islands

     1974.07.29 Insects

                     45F: Pantala flavescens

     1998.07.21 Insects

                     36F: Pantala flavescens



     1976.05.25 Fresh-water Fauna

                     1.20d: Anax imperator



     1995.04.04 Insects

                     1.15$: Anax imperator



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